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About Airspace

If your interested in aerial photography or video of your property the first thing to do is to make sure there is no special airspace around your property. Neighboring Lincoln Park and Teterboro airports have special restrictions to protect passenger aircraft. We always do an airspace analysis prior to the flight, if you would like to find out if it is ok to fly by your address, click here to fill out the free airspace analysis.


Location Fee

Dispatch a Drone to your Address

Ready to get started? Dispatch a drone to your property, and a licensed drone pilot will come to your address and shoot several photos and/or videos. We will upload the videos to a private website for you to browse within 24 hours of the flight.


Per photo

Download the Photos YOU like

After the photographer has uploaded your photos to the private gallery, you can choose to download only the shots you like.


Per Print

You can choose to order High Quality Prints and Artwork

You will love your photos, and it is easy to order prints to share with family or wall art and canvas prints to decorate your home.