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1 Video Per Month
Scheduling Fee
$275 Per Month
$20 Per Month
$295 Per Month

Add Vertical Social Media Shorts?

Each short is 60 seconds long in vertical format, perfect for Youtube Shorts, Instagram/Facebook Stories and TikTok!


Per Video Short!

What’s Included:

  • 60 second Vertical Format Video Clip
  • With a Branded intro
  • and Subtitles Burned into Video

How to Use Social Media Shorts:

  • Use social media shorts as commercials for your existing videos
  • Use social media shorts to announce specials and promotions
  • Use social media shorts for social media contests
  • Use social media shorts to promote new real estate listings

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a Premium Video?

  • Multi-cam recording
  • Professional Audio recording and mixing
  • Licensed Music Soundtrack
  • Licensed and Original Visual Graphics
  • CC Closed Captions
  • Video title Copywriting
  • Video Description Copywriting
  • Cover Image
  • Youtube Scheduling

Is Drone Video Included?

YES! but only if we can. We will happily fly where environmental conditions and local laws permit. Our drone pilot has a part 107 certification with the FAA, giving us the authority to fly commercially. 

What is Multi-Cam?

We record using at least 2 cameras simultaneously and switch between views in post-production giving viewers a more engaging experience watching your videos.

How do you handle audio?

We use wireless lavaliers with a digital transmission ensuring clear speech as well as a separate (backup) recording device to ensure redundancy in case of “glitches”.

What resolution will the final video be rendered in?

We render at 1080p 24fps h.264, standard! For all videos! Why does that matter? We follow Hollywood standards to make our videos look and feel cinematic while maintaining maximum portability!

How do I Cancel ?

We hate to see you go but you can easily cancel by emailing or calling (973) 816-8109 Monday-Friday 9am-10pm Eastern Time.