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Skylands: Skyline Lake, Ringwood, NJ

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Skylands Flight Blog | 0 comments

Skyline Lake

Today we have 3 things on the docket

  • This weeks contest
  • A new promotion
  • A Thank you to Mr. Mike Ribenfeld

This week I am going to show you a 5-second clip of a location in Ringwood, NJ. The first person to guess where this is -wins! To participate, hit the subscribe button on my youtube channel and write the location in the comments. The first person to guess correctly gets a free t-shirt, and everyone else gets my eternal love and gratitude.

It’s cold out! But with the cold come unique landscapes all over New Jersey. If you have an interesting view or some unique landscape viewable from your property, let me know! In exchange for letting me do a short drone flight from your driveway, I will provide you with free drone photos of your property. This service normally starts at $50, so take advantage now!

This week’s episode takes place over Skyline lakes and it is brought to you in part by the generosity of Mr. Mike Ribenfeld. So with that, sit back, kick your feet up, put on your headphones. I will see you back here after the show.

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