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Quintessential Small town NJ, Welcome to Bloomingdale, home of the Queens Own
Main street in Bloomingdale rests along the river path on a long traveled Indian road called the Minisink Trail, this trail is one of many long treaded paths the native Americans used when they called this land their home.

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But the story of Bloomingdale really starts with a man named Martin J Ryerson, a respected, wealthy man who lived in Ringwood Manor in his Youth. Martin’s father, Martin I Ryerson, owned many mines in the area, and was one of the founders of Ringwood, died at a young age and passed his legacy to his son Martin. 

Then after inheriting a fortune of properties from his grandfather, Mr Ryerson moved to Bloomingdale and established the Bloomingdale furnace, forge, and mill which was used to process iron found in nearby mines.

Ryerson realized that Bloomingdale and his business would benefit from a railroad and with his money, power and influence he ended up making the railroad a reality, and Bloomingdale as a town grew from a stop-over town to the picturesque small town from yesteryear thanks to the railroad station. With a main street that boosted of a Hotel, General Store, Post Office, and Two small Churches. 

Bloomingdale’s Union Square was in the location where Ward’s Plaza now sits; the intersection of Main Street and Hamburg Turnpike.

Fun Fact, the railroad station had many setbacks before it came to fruition, but most notably a homeowner whose property was on the planned track line refused to give permission until the Railroad promised to build a stop on her property, Which they did and kept their promise.

In 1905 a fire department was not yet established and a large portion of Main Street burned down. Newspapers from the time, stated that people from neighboring towns came to assist in a bucket brigade, passing buckets from person to person from the River to the fire.

Another Fun Fact, Did you know that Bloomingdale at one time had a world-famous toilet paper that was so expensive that its primary customer was royalty in England? It was dubbed, “The Queens Own” and was manufactured at Pequannock Valley Paper Mill

Bloomingdale has changed much over the years, with Mainstreet littered with businesses, and homes but it never lost its small town feel.

Sources and Thanks!: Salvini, Emil R. Historic Bloomingdale. Colorama Historical Publications, 1984. Morristown and Morris Township Library History and Genealogy Center




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