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Aerial Tour of Warwick, NY in 2021 plus Apple Picking in Ock’s Farm
Today we explore the beautiful town of Warwick that transports you to this lush country village with endless fields, orchards and wineries.

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Warwick occupies the southern tip of the state of New York and is bordered by New Jersey on the south,Chester to the north and Tuxedo Park to the east.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Appalachian Trail passes through Warwick and Warwick has been designated an Appalachian Trail Community?

Warwick, like all of the other neighboring towns, was once inhabited by the Indigenous people, who were attracted to its fresh water springs and Wawayanda Creek.

Eventually, Eastern Europeans settled in this Hudson Valley town and introduced various agricultural crops and farming techniques. In 1860, the Warwick Valley Railroad was constructed and this transformed the town into a prosperous, bustling center of commerce, banking and retailing. The introduction of the railroad meant that there was a faster, more efficient way of transporting goods which was good for local farmers.

By the turn of the 20th century Warwick had seen vast improvements in technology; it had its own telephone and power companies. This made way for an affluent suburban community which attracted many wealthy vacationers from New York.

Today we launched from Ochs’ Orchard in Warwick New York. Ochs’ orchard, which sits on 100 acres, has been in business since 1920 and what started as an apples and peaches farm evolved into a farm including other fruits and vegetables. It has pick your own apples and a cider mill where apple cider is made. Rumor has it that apple cider and donuts are a favorite.

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