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Skylands: History of Greenwood Lake NY
Greenwood lake is a breathtaking natural lake that is approximately 7 miles long and is located on the border of NY and NJ. It is the water source of the Wanaque River. Before it was known as Greenwood lake, it was called “KUAM-PEE-OM” by the “MUN-SEE” native tribe. Who lived there before the Europeans settled during the 18’th century and renamed it Long Pond.

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The lake was an intricate part of the long pond ironworks operation, which benefited from a dam being built in 1765, which in turn increased the lake’s size, and increased production in the ironworks. It turns out that a larger lake also became a DESTINATION spot for tourists like BABE RUTH, and the JETER FAMILY!

Fun fact: back in the day people would travel by train only to board a steamboat to take them across the lake to the various resorts that existed back then.

Did you know that there is an island in the lake called Chapel island?

Years ago, a church was the lone structure on the island, and it was only accessible by boat. It stood there for years before it burnt down in 1948.

Fast forward to today: Greenwood lake is a vibrant, thriving lake community. – it offers tons of fun- outdoor adventures and activities! There is definitely something for everyone in the family to do at Greenwood lake. From hiking to boutique shopping and antiquing.

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